We are considered one of the largest manufacturers of blinds in Mexico.

About the Company

With more than 50 years of presence in Baja California, we are an industry whose engine is its people, thus forming an excellent team for the manufacture of high-quality window coverings

History of the company

Our products are built to delight our customers and consumers with an unmatched legacy of quality and service. From providing comfort to spaces with adequate lighting to providing privacy every night, the products we have produced at Industrias La Mesa for years make quality time last longer today, tomorrow, and every day.

  • 1971

    Industrias La Mesa was founded in 1971, by Mr. Robert Gain and Mr. Fernando López in Tijuana, with 10 employees in a space of 45 square meters.
  • 1972

    A year later, ILM moves to a 1,400-square-meter space located in the second floor of a bank in Tijuana's Limón market. 120 people worked and electronic components were manufactured.
  • 1977

    A second building was incorporated for the expansion of electrical products and the workforce was already 500 people.
  • 1986

    With 650 people, the facilities grow to 12,077 square meters and Kulka is born as a company.
  • 1987

    The manufacture of cellular blinds for Levolor begins.
  • 2003

    Manufacturing operations begin in Rosarito in a 15,800 square meter building with 900 people on board.
  • 2006

    CBG products from Los Angeles and Atlanta are added to Rosarito.
  • 2012 – 2013

    Fashion Tech's Premium line is launched for Honeycomb, Roller Shades and Woven Wood products.
  • 2014 – 2015

    Shade O Matic product added to Rosarito.
  • 2016

    ILM becomes part of the Hunter Douglas family under the CBG division.
  • 2017

    ILM has 27,900 square meters of facilities and is positioned as one of the largest manufacturers of blinds in Mexico.
  • 2018

    Plant 5 is built on campus and 3,000 square meters are added to Plant 2.
  • 2019 - 2020

    Century and Levolor products are manufactured in Rosarito. Cafeteria expansion (reaching a total of 430 seats)
  • 2020 - 2021

    Vista product is manufactured in Rosarito Flexo's R&D (Research and Development) area moves to ILM The first line of POD (Printed on Demand) is established

Open jobs available

At ILM we have a great job offer and an excellent work environment with growth opportunities. For more information visit our job offers.